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When people come together consciously with purpose, extraordinary transformations occur, leaving no one unaffected. ~ Leeza We intend to inspire, encourage and actively engage in co-creating community that is conscious, compassionate, joyful and inspiring. These are attributes of a society that aligns itself with clarity of purpose, living fully in the present and functioning from […]



For general inquires, donations, to request a talk, spiritual guidance, forum or workshop by Leeza and this organization: (360) 823-8206 If you’ve a personal message or would like to inquire with Leeza directly: Social Media Stay connected with us on Facebook and twitter Internet Radio Listen to archived episodes of Authentic Expressions with Leeza […]



Please read our volunteer guidelines. Contact form provided at the bottom of page As we are grounded in our intention, we begin to see that our actions- when they’re coming from this space of Love- are aligned with our purpose, wisdom and beauty – Leeza   Our organization is about deepening the dialogue, nurturing conscious community […]

Vision & Mission

Our vision

Offer education and that of spiritual and emotional guidance to all people- most especially to those most marginalized by society. Those who may have little or no means of familial, spiritual or other community support in regards to emotional and spiritual self-care.

Our commitment is to Truth. To teach from a space of authenticity, compassion, equanimity and unity” ~ Leeza Edwards



Consciousness-based education, mentorship, personal and collective guidance that promotes personal and collective well-being, community building and equanimity of all members of a diverse society.

“Our life experience isn’t made better by ‘wanting’ & ‘wishing’ it to be so. Rather it comes by way of ‘allowing’ life to be as it is.” – Leeza Edwards


Current programs

  • Programs


    “Authenticity” Mentoring Program A program that offers individual mentoring by Leeza Edwards; to which is intended for those who are open in expanding their awareness of Self and becoming more, an agent of transformation in this world.   “Leeza is a dear and precious being. I’ve found great strength from her and have reconnected with my purpose […]

  • Summer campaign - Moving Beyond "Anti-Bully"

    Tender Voice Of Children

    A direct response to the issues of bullying, victimization, self-harm and suicide

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    Oceans Of Possibilities

    Healing the rift within! Shifting from a population of LGBTQI peoples- to a compassionate community

RSS Authentic Expressions with Leeza Edwards

  • Being with uncomfortability- episode 2 - Dec 17,2013
    Discomfort or uncomfortableness are experiences we are all familiar with and often is the beginning step to anxiety. This time of year families come together, we engage in traditions and enter into the longer night. What a perfect time to talk about the issues that are so often avoided because we feel so vulnerable and alone. You are most certainly encourage […]