• Thank you for talking with my kids (you'd say 'being with'), as they've really turned a corner regarding their old habits of thinking. I have to say, my own life is on a new trajectory with having little zen masters in my midst. Not sure who was helped most. Truly yours, Barbara & Neil T. Vancouver, WA
  • Leeza, I can't thank you enough for your love and devotion to our family when things where falling apart. I've no doubt that mom found true peace as you guided her in her last moments. I saw my mother for the first time in my life. Love, Laura R. Berkeley, CA
  • Dearest Leeza, Our work together has been profoundly transformative. The compassion I feel for myself and the world is beyond imagination. I feel that I can truly reengage the world now that I've found joy in myself. Love, Theresa K. Portland, OR
  • Thank you Leeza for visiting us and listening to our stories. I could tell that you where really listening and I don't get that from anyone else. You reminded me of what life could be like if only we would listen to each other and let people be who they are. It's hard for me to live that way all the time but I'm inspired by you and what you taught us. And I love to hear your voice! Youth at Children's Home Society of Washington 
  • Our youth have really been more thoughtful than I've ever seen them before. The questions you offered them have been the source of many insightful discussions. Your patience and playfulness has been an inspiration for all of us. Diana P. San Francisco, CA